High Speed Trainload Freight

  • With many towns and cities suffering unsustainable traffic congestion and pollution levels the time for an alternative has come.

    Our plans for high speed shared user freight services will deliver everything from a full trainload right down to a single parcel straight into the heart of the city – running at up to 125 mph with multi-temperature capability!

    Trials have proven the success of this type of operation using stations as cross-dock platforms with consignments loaded straight onto vehicles for immediate delivery.

    Trains run to a timetable and this enables us to plan the first and last mile to not only deliver better resource utilisation but also to fully utilise zero carbon transport such as cycle logistics and electric vehicles.

    The shared user nature of the services enables customers to vary their commitment on a day by day basis. The late departures enable manufacturers to enjoy a longer production day: early morning arrival sees consignments delivered well before the start of the working day.

    Fast – efficient – cost effective – flexible and green!