FT Parcel plan story

Very interesting article in the FT by Transport Correspondent Robert Wright this morning,  Parcel plan offers new life for Intercity 125 trains. (subscription required)

It’s an interesting concept and one that we looked at to expand our offer. We have been moving freight at 125 mph by rail for close on six years – from high value cakes to false teeth; legal documentation to bottled beers and clinical trials samples to fresh seafood.

We would agree that for certain markets there would be an advantage however the world is changing and customers expectations are changing. Our service offers fast and frequent deliveries by timetabled passenger trains.

The train is going there anyway so this reduces the carbon footprint to start with. Add to that the fact that we deliver into the heart of cites and use first and last mile electric vehicles and this ticks a lot of boxes. Not only for business that need to be able to demonstrate their green credentials but their customers growing awareness of pollution and how they see it influencing their daily lives.

All business compete on price but we are seeing a growing demand from customers that suppliers they choose not only talk about their green objectives but are actually seen to deliver on them.

Finally In a bit of shameless self publicity we’ve been short-listed for a prestigious railway industry award for our efforts.  We have demonstrated clearly how London businesses and consumers can benefit from tapping into existing rail capacity and using a service that is proven to be fast, frequent, cost effective and secure.  As the trains dovetail in with zero emission vehicles for first and last mile the service is also unique.

The winners will be announced on February 9th 2017. Wish us luck and if Mr Wright would like to cover the story he is more than welcome.  Drop us a line…

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