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Elaine Lorys of Stevensons

Elaine Lorys of Stevensons

This week we are in  Cornwall to meet a range of businesses and business groups who have an interest in using rail and clean air deliveries to promote Cornish products, initially in London but ultimately other major centres as the ICRF rail network grows.

Fascinating discussion therefore with Elaine Lorys of Stevensons, owners of the largest fleet of trawlers in Newlyn and one of the leading Cornish merchants. Elaine is one of many people who clearly recognise that congestion and pollution will have a negative impact on “traditional” supply chains and that NOW is the time to be making changes in order to safeguard and grow business and protect jobs. As she says, “fish by train is the future and a much greener way for us to serve our customers”.

Stevensons are able to supply a huge variety of the freshest Cornish seafood which can be delivered daily to retailers and private customers in London using the ICRF/GWR service from Penzance. Elaine suggests that “by using the train we can freshly prepare an order in the morning and have it delivered in time for dinner using clean air deliveries”.  Something that cannot be done by road.

Mr Screeton MD InterCity RailFreight said, “There is little doubt that making more extensive use of rail to deliver into city centres can take diesel vehicles off the road and make a serious dent in pollution levels.  Why are we running vans hundreds of miles into London when there is capacity available on high speed passenger trains and those trains are going there anyway?”

Representatives from business organisations in West Cornwall are clearly inspired by the success stories so far and a lot more of the finest products that Cornwall has to offer will soon be available via rail and clean air deliveries.

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