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Sustainability Director, Chris Beattie

Over 17 years Chris has been the driving force behind WEGO Carbon Neutral Couriers: his commitment to zero carbon transport and a passion for the very highest service levels makes WEGO the obvious choice for the role of first/last mile strategic partner to InterCity RailFreight.

In 2009 WEGO won The Sustainability Business of the Year Award presented by the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Chamber of Commerce and in 2015 were awarded the ‘Green’ level in Investors in the Environment accreditation and this lead to Chris being invited by the United Nations Climate Change Team to be a champion for their Climate Neutral Now Initiative.

So if you want to know more about how cycle logistics and electric vehicle deliveries can make a big difference to your business and local environment Chris is the chap to talk to
Contact Chris on 07740 801077 or e-mail him chris@intercityrailfreight.com

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