Rhino on Rails

  • Yes it is a rhino and yes it took the train…..

    ICRF successfully transported “Rupert” all the way from Penzance to a secret location in London recently.

    What makes Rupert a rather different kind of rhino is that he is in fact a cake.  Made in a secret location by a cake maker who cannot be named.  This is need to know basis…

    The problem was how to transport Rupert from his birth place to the big city in time for the special occasion, that we can’t talk about, and in one piece?

    The answer was the train.    We are specialists in transporting time sensitive and fragile items  all over the UK on time and in an environmentally friendly way.

    Mind you we did have a large bucket on hand just in case of accidents!


  • ruphert-the-rino

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