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Managing Director, Jeff Screeton

With a career in transport spanning 35 years Jeff has a solid grounding in both road and rail operations as well as experience in the shipping and export sectors.
He has been the driving force behind the scheme to put freight back onto passenger trains on a national scale: developing the necessary safety, security and operational systems whilst ensuring seamless integration of courier partners and systems the scheme has proven its ability to make a real difference economically via delivery of a secure, reliable, fast, green and cost effective service to a wide variety of businesses.

Jeff has overseen the successful implementation of a rail service for the movement of ultra-time critical clinical trials samples which has proven to be a real success story for rail and has led to ICRF being invited to join collaborative schemes looking at using a rail-based supply chain for innovative treatment technologies.

Contact Jeff on 07799 410050 or e-mail him jeff@intercityrailfreight.com

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